GCR Volume 20 - Issue 6

GCR Volume 20 - Issue 6

Pages: 48

ISBN: 1369-4561

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In this magazine: 


  • Interview: Deborah Feinstein, US Federal Trade Commission’s bureau of competition
  • Interview: Abbott “Tad” Lipsky, US Federal Trade Commission’s bureau of competition
  • Washington, DC: Antitrust Bar
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GCR Live: 

  • Brussels: 6th Annual Telecoms, Media & Technology
    • DG Comp’s approach to distribution agreements is permissive, says official
    • Enforcers say more evidence needed on algorithms
    • Incentives in big data deals need to be examined. DG Comp official says
  • New York: 3rd Annual Antitrust Litigation USA
    • New York AG to focus on IP monopolisation
    • Trump should leave merger review alone, current and ex-enforcers say
    • Qualcomm GC: defence rights abroad are poor
  • California: IP & Antitrust
    • DG Comp official vouches for organisations’ role in convergence
    • Antitrust is at the fringe of IP, lawyers say


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Middle East & Africa: 

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