GCR Volume 19 - Issue 8

Pages: 48

ISBN: 1369-4561

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In this magazine: 


  • Switzerland: 
    • Interview – Vincent Martenet, Swiss Competition Commission
    • Competition Bar
    • A Downward Spiral: the case dividing Switzerland’s officials and competition bar
  • Germany and the damages directive: the devil’s in the detail
  • News


  • Stuck in the Middle: The US’ struggles to prosecute senior executives
  • News


  • News

Middle East & Africa: 

  • Competition and Conflict: How two competition authorities kept going as the bombs went off
  • News

GCR Live: 

  • 5th Annual Telecoms, Media & Technology: London
    • “We don’t have enough people” for cartel and abuse cases, says CMA head
    • Senior CMA economist: be “wary of intervening” based on a single forecast
  • 8th Annual Brussels Conference: 
    • UK membership of EFTA: the rise of the “English rocket”
    • DG Comp state aid chiefs dispel “myths” about tax rulings
    • EU merger review “morphing” to US system, says Davies
    • Huawei SEP ruling “essentially undemocratic”, UK barrister says
    • Whish: ECJ failure to clarify by-object analysis is “really frustrating”

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