GCR Volume 19 - Issue 4

Pages: 48

ISBN: 1369-4561

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In this magazine: 


  • Stretching the States: how budget-strapped state are busier than they’ve been in a generation
  • New York: Competition Bar
  • News


  • Romania: 
    • An Imperfect Storm: Is the Competition Council hindering the country’s approach to competition law?
    • Interview - Bogdan Chirițoiu, Competition Council
    • Competition Bar
  • Tax rulings and State aid: the bigger picture
  • News


  • Interview: Toh Han Li, Competition Commission of Singapore
  • 5th Annual Law Asia-Pacific Leaders Forum: Singapore
    • Asian antitrust enforcers split on investigation cooperation
    • Google counsel: “Is there blood?”
    • China again defends due process record

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