GCR Volume 19 - Issue 1

Pages: 48

ISBN: 1369-4561

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In this magazine: 


  • United Kingdom:
    • Class actions arrive in the UK
    • Interview – Stephen Blake, Competition and Markets Authority
    • Competition Bar
  • A level playing field: An exploration of competition concerns in sport
  • Interview: Igor Artemiev, Russia’s Federal Antimonopoly Service
  • GCR 7th Annual Brussels Conference: 
    • Think of cartels as single overall agreements, says Whish
    • “Possible violations” a fact of life in Europe
    • MFNs in hotel booking: a dog’s breakfast?
  • News


  • Feinstein roundtable: An examination of modern antitrust enforcement at the US Federal Trade Commission
  • News


  • News

Middle East & Africa: 

  • News

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