GCR Q1 2019

GCR Q1 2019

Pages: 84

ISBN: 1369-4561

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The intersection of competition and intellectual property has been a focal point for GCR for many years, and is the theme of this issue of the quarterly magazine.

In this magazine

  • The copyright killer: YouTube's power cuts into creators' revenue.
  • Delrahim on IP: Five experts respond to the US enforcer.
  • New York bar survey: Bright lights on big city's antitrust best.
  • Maureen Ohlhausen: The GCR exit interview.
  • A world gone FRAND: UK courts demand global licensing.
  • SEPs overseas: A GCR Live IP roundtable.
  • Behind the Qualcomm fines: On what drives so much antitrust enforcement.
  • Community news
  • GCR Live: Women in Antitrust

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