GCR Corporate Counsel 2019

GCR Corporate Counsel 2019

ISBN: 1369-4561

  • £200.00

This second edition of Corporate Counsel includes antitrust lawyers from across sectors and at some of the world’s largest companies, including Google, Facebook, Microsoft and 21st Century Fox. They are heads of competition teams at their respective companies or senior advisers who bring a wealth of skill and experience.

Antitrust has crept into the forefront of businesses minds, with blockbuster investigations against Google in Europe and the AT&T/Time Warner trial in the US reminding the wider public of the power that antitrust enforcers can wield.

We have profiled 49 of the world’s leading corporate competition counsel, working around the world from New Zealand to Zurich to Rio de Janeiro, on mergers, litigation and behavioural matters in businesses as diverse as cement, telecommunications, pharmaceuticals and online technology.

We also looked at the challenges and rewards of a legal practice inside a company, and caught up with some of the lawyers profiled in the previous edition of Corporate Counsel who have changed course in their careers.

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