GCR Corporate Counsel 2014

ISBN: 1369-4561

  • £200.00

In-house competition counsel have come into their own over the past decade.

As more companies build their own competition teams, the role of the individual corporate competition counsel is also expanding. No longer are they seen as middlemen between a business and a law firm; instead, in-house competition lawyers are increasingly relied upon to do the work once assigned to external practitioners, operating at the centre of a company’s strategic and legal thinking. They advise on transactions, defend against litigation and investigations, promote their company’s needs to governments and competition authorities, craft and enforce the compliance programmes enforcers view as crucial, and increasingly prosecute lawsuits when their employer has been wronged.

In recognition of the growing role of the in-house competition adviser in the antitrust world, Global Competition Review has put together its first stand-alone corporate counsel special edition. We have selected 35 of the world’s leading corporate competition counsel – some we were familiar with through our reporting, others were recommended by private practitioners and fellow in-house lawyers.

The practitioners we feature hail from countries as far flung as South Africa and Brazil, Albania and the United States, and work in diverse industries ranging from broadcasting to soft drinks.

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