E-Commerce Competition Enforcement Guide

E-Commerce Competition Enforcement Guide

Pages: 264

ISBN: 978-1-78915-125-1

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The growth in the digital economy both powerfully drives competition, but also provides challenges to global antitrust enforcement. This E-commerce Competition Enforcement Guide, edited by Claire Jeffs, looks at whether established competition tools are sufficient to deal with the challenges of the online world. Drawing on the collective wisdom and expertise of 48 distinguished experts from 22 firms and competition authorities, the Guide provides insight on the differing approaches adopted by enforcement agencies and whether a balance is being struck between maintaining a vigilant approach to the digital economy and allowing competition to flourish. 



  • Introduction – Why E-commerce? Claire Jeffs

Part I: Europe 

  • European Union – Key Developments, Guillaume Loriot 
  • European Union – Restrictions of Online Sales, including Geo-blocking and Geofiltering, Nelson Jung 
  • European Union – E-commerce: Most Favoured Nation Clauses, Philippe Chappatte, Kerry O’Connell and Sarah de Morant 
  • European Union – Algorithmic pricing under Article 101 TFEU, Pierre Honoré and Guillaume Fabre 
  • European Union – Data-related Abuse of Dominance, Thorsten Mäger and Philipp Otto Neideck 
  • European Union – Data and Privacy in Merger Control, Miranda Cole 
  • European Union – Access to Online Platforms and Competition Law, Thomas Graf and Henry Mostyn 
  • European Union – Two-Sided Markets, Platforms and Network Effects, Joshua White, Antoine Chapsal and Aaron Yeater

Part II: Americas 

  • United States – E-commerce and Big Data: Merger Control, Daniel S Bitton 
  • United States – E-commerce, Big Data and Algorithms: Antitrust, Paul Eckles and Jeremy Koegel 
  • United States – E-commerce Economics: Market Power and Enforcement in Vertical Markets, Rebecca Kirk Fair, Nikita Piankov and Emmanuel Frot 
  • Canada, Micah Wood, Laura Weinrib, Kevin MacDonald, and David Dueck 
  • Mexico, Carlos Mena Labarthe, Jorge Kargl Pavía and Aleine Obregón 
  • Brazil, Amadeu Ribeiro, Michelle Machado, Paula Camara and Ana Paula Tavassi

Part III: Asia-Pacific 

  • Australian Competition and Consumer Commission, Rod Sims 
  • China, Janet Yung Yung Hui, Xuefei Bai and Huting Li 
  • India – Competition Commission of India, Smita Jhingran 
  • India, Nisha Kaur Uberoi and Shravani Shekhar 
  • Japan Fair Trade Commission, The Competition Policy Research Centre Secretariats 
  • Japan, Hideki Utsunomiya and Yusuke Takamiya 
  • Korea, Youngjin Jung, In-Sang Kim and Hee Won Marina Moon 
  • Competition and Consumer Commission of Singapore, Lee Pei Rong Rachel and Leow Rui Ping 
  • Singapore, Daren Shiau and Elsa Chen

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