GCR Emerging Enforcers 2018

Pages: 44

ISBN: 1369-4561

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In 2017, antitrust law and policy made headlines far beyond GCR, from the EU’s tough approaches to the likes of Amazon, Apple and Google; the German Federal Cartel Office’s case against Facebook; speculation about White House influence on the Department of Justice’s lawsuit to block AT&T’s acquisition of Time Warner to Brazil’s sprawling Lava Jato investigations.

Among a handful of others, these agencies are the pioneers of competition policy, economics and enforcement, and their positions large and small help to shape the development and functioning of domestic and global economies alike. But i has taken them a long time to get there, and following in their footsteps are a host of other agencies hoping someday to get there too.

In this second edition of Emerging Enforcers, we dive into the inner workings, efforts and cases of nine different antitrust agencies – each at very different stages of development – to provide a useful insight into how well these agencies are faring, the challenges that persist, and what we might expect from them in the future.


  • Argentina National Commission for the Defence of Competition
  • Caribbean Community Competition Commission
  • Egypt: Competition Authority
  • Hong Kong: Competition Commission
  • Iceland: Competition Authority
  • Kazakhstan: Committee on Regulation of Natural Monopolies, Protection of Competition and Consumer Rights
  • Moldova: Competition Council
  • Philippines: Competition Commission
  • Saudi Arabia: General Authority for Competition


In our 2014 Emerging Enforcers Survey,GCR selected 34 antitrust authorities around the world that ranged from those just starting to grapple with competition law and policy, to those that – while relatively new – already had an impressive enforcement record.

We take a look at what those authorities have been doing since then in our “where are they now” section.

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