GCR Volume 19 - Issue 3

Pages: 56

ISBN: 1369-4561

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In this magazine: 


  • European Union: 
    • Picking Up the Pieces: What the European Commission’s Air Cargo loss means for its cartel enforcement
    • Interview – Margrethe Vestager, Head of Directorate-General for Competition
    • Brussels Competition Bar
  • Age-old Remedies: How UK and US enforcers differ on removal of old restrictions
  • Spain in the Spotlight: How upcoming elections may affect the country’s antitrust regime
  • News


  • Japan: 
    • Paying for Process: Trade-off between stronger due process protections and leniency application discretions
    • Competition Bar


  • ­GCR Live 5th Annual Antitrust Law Leaders Forum: Miami
    • Feinstein: Steris shows gap between agencies and courts
    • Gelfand: US will go to court when merger proponents ‘litigate the fix’
    • Hesse: DOJ’s system for case and merger review isn’t static
  • News

International Cartel Workshop: 

  • Pecman prepares for new Canadian government
  • Australia and Canada still await jail time for cartelists
  • Baer and Snyder defend US anti-cartel system
  • Snyder reiterates elements of creditable compliance

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