The Guide to Merger Remedies

The Guide to Merger Remedies

Pages: 267

ISBN: 978-1-78915-105-3

  • £250.00

Global Competition review presents the first edition of The Guide to Merger Remedies. This Guide is a comprehensive review of a variety of issues relating to the design and implementation of merger remedies, written by leading names in the field. 



Part I

Overarching Principles and Considerations

  • Key Principles of Merger Remedies
  • Economic Analysis of Merger Remedies
  • Realigning Merger Remedies with the Goals of Antitrust

Part II

Types of Remedies

  • Structural Remedies
  • Non-Structural Remedies
  • Antitrust Remedies in Highly Regulated Industries

Part III

Process and Implementation 

  • Managing Timing of Multi-Jurisdictional Review
  • Identifying a Suitable Divestiture Buyer and Related Issues
  • Giving Effect to the Remedy

Part IV


  • A Practical Perspective on Monitoring
  • Enforcement of Merger Consent Decrees

Part V

Remedy Negotiations: Practical Considerations 

  • Negotiating Remedies: A Perspective from the Agencies
  • Negotiating the Remedy: A Practitioner’s Perspective

Part VI

Merger Remedies Insights from around the Globe

  • Brazil
  • Canada
  • China
  • India
  • Japan
  • Mexico

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